Review of the Super Affiliate System
Super Affiliate System

Review of the Super Affiliate System

Who should buy this course? Or Should you buy this course?

Let’s reason for a bit but before we do this let’s look at what the course has to offer.

The Super Affiliate System  2.0 by John Crestani has been all the buzz, having gained interviews with some well known media giants e.g.: NBC and Forbes Magazine.

Not to give too much of the history of John Crestani, it is suffice to say he is a super affiliate and is back up by the long list of super affiliates who has been promoting this product.

Now that would be a bad for a newbie or anyone who does not have influence across the internet, but it is quite the contrary that even newbie is making money promoting this product.

Just explain who John Crestani is; he is an online marketer who is an affiliate marketing expert. His is especially  versed in all forms of paid advertising, YouTube, Google, Native Advertising networks and Facebook Ads.

John was fired from his position with an advertising agency, ironically, he was fired because he asked his manager for a raise. Of course asking for a raise you didn’t deserve might have been justifiable but in John’s case he was an online advertising genius, because he was able to increase the revenues of many of many of the company’s clients bottom line making him a superstar amongst his colleagues and of course the companies who profited. The road to success is not always a straight line and in John’s case this bump in the road was just a springboard to success.

Free Training is available right Here

Here is the Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

The objective here to offer some guidance in paid advertising. At $997.00 is a tidy sum to fork over not knowing whether or not it will worth your time or effort or your money. Access to free Webinar

The course is a six-week training on “Paid traffic”. With over 50 hours of video training you are taken step by step through the process of setting up successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

To begin John’s course with the first two week focuses on the basics, right business mindset, the model business model, creating landing pages and setting up tracking software.

In weeks following the focus shifts to advertising campaigns primarily large traffic sources, Google and YouTube, Facebook and Native advertising platforms.

After having a thorough understanding of how to master  traffic we move on to how to optimization our affiliate campaigns and scaling campaigns to $1000’s of dollars a day. This claim is post prominent on our members page.

A quick breakdown of the entire course is as follows:

Week Number 1: Introduction and System Set-up

Subject of discussion in the first week:

  • Setting your Goal
  • How to join affiliate networks e.g. ClickBank
  • How to Setup your website
  • How to setup a presell page
  • How to setup Facebook Ads
  • How to best work with affiliate Networks

The training has something for everyone, so if you’re an absolute newcomer to marketing online this would be very useful for you. If you’ve done online marketing before this would review to help sharpen up your skills

Week 2  Success Skills, here are all the modules:

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • How to research your Niche
  • How to Choose an Offer
  • How to Choose an Ad Network
  • Researching Niches Online
  • How to Network Effectively
  • Understanding Intent

I find the mindset training is useful to help an individual to grasp the understanding of the growth that is necessary to grow and scale a successful business. This is not always something most affiliates pay attention to, so I think this useful to get a good appreciation of what it takes to be successful.  John also mentions that it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel but follow the footsteps of successful people (e.g. affiliate marketers who’s being enjoy massive success) copy or patterns their step to find your own success.

Week 3  Marketing Skills

Here is the essence of the whole game. In these lesson John delve into what are the ingredients of a successful marketers, it is an illustration of how to become a REAL Marketer. An in depth understand of what it is people are looking for and psychology of successful ads.

  • How to Write Good Ads
  • Advance copywriting techniques with Ronnie Sandlin

Worth it this  is the only module

  • John’s 17 Step copywriting formula
  • How to Optimize Ads
  • Advance Optimization Tactics

I believe this is the most useful for me because I weakest of all my skillsets “copywriting”. This module offers some real tip in lifting copywriting skills in addition to understand the psychology behind it. It is the greatest difference in get a click or being ignored and paid advertising it the bread and butter of advertising campaign. Bottom line more money more money, it is a favored skill.

  • Week 4 Facebook and Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads compliance
  • Important Metrics in Advertising
  • Google AdWords Part 1 and Part 2
  • Facebook Ads taught a super affiliate by Brian Pfeiffer

Week 5  Native Ads and YouTube Ads

In the module the focus is on alternative networks for traffic. It gives a list of Ad networks that are available as alternate sources of traffic and how to sign up to these network.

John Crestani then gave a good exposé on traffic generation to your affiliate offers using these type ad networks.  The module focuses it attention, by illustrating  how to these platform, how and who to target as well as etc.…

  • How to setup MGID  Native Ads
  • How to set up Outbrain Native Ads
  • How to set up Voluum DSP Native Ads
  • How to set up YouTube Ads
  • Another of the Guest coaches Tim Burd on Facebook Ads

Week 6 Scaling and Outsourcing

This module began to employ other traffic generation methods, using surveys within funnels. Using surveys as a lead generation tool is a ninja strategy. But that’s not all here are the topics covered in this section:

How to use Survey Funnels

Case Studies: $240k Solar case study

Scaling campaign from $1000 to $20,000

How to use media Buys

Student Loan Consolidation Case Study

Have a glimpse at people just like you who are have some level of success after taking the course:

enjoying the winnings

Here’s a glimpse of the members area

This is not the complete program as there are other goodies available with the main product abut the essence of this training is the Super Affiliate System. There is also  a free webinar loaded with tons of value and just for curiosity you should attend the link is right here click it, register and attend.

What is most attractive about this product?

In the area of paid advertising, if your knowledge was limited to only Facebook and Google by gaining the knowledge and exposure about alternative traffic sources. Google and Facebook doesn’t have to be your only approach when it come traffic generation. In fact, using the other sources and understanding how to structure your ads for effectiveness gives a more robust well-rounded traffic knowledge, “Advantage Number One”.

This course is the perfect training if you are new to online marketing or that you have some knowledge, but you are not experiencing any real success just yet, it refines and dial in this skillset for both newbie and intermediate marketer.

If you are looking for quick results it is readily available with paid ads. This course caters in particular to rapid success through the use of paid advertising and a have advertising budget.  If you are strapped for finances this can be a real negative. I would do not attempt this program with just enough to purchase the training, there are additional cost for the tool for doing business, these are necessaries for the serious online marketer.

What I don’t like about this course? Or more appropriately what is the one stands out as most negative?

It is not designed for all audiences. The is all about paid traffic? Now understand this from my prospective paid traffic is not a bad thing because it is quick, it is scalable, and you can get massive amounts. But to those on a very tight budget it is a daunting task. I get it been there and I truly understand it.

There approaches like SEO strategies, sound good but its not a solution it is too slow and anyone on a tight budget needs faster results.

The other so-called negative is the price tag $997 might be a real challenge for someone on a tight budget, I can only  state “you get what you pay for”. If through this one tool you generate the initial investment over and over again it is more than worth it. But I can fully appreciate the price tag being a deterrent. In addition to make it all click you do need an advertising budget; the truth is it requires a real investment to make real money.

Just chalk it up to, you’re am not there yet, maybe with time. For newcomers to online marketing you will come to learn that you do need seed money to fuel your financial success, this is true for any real business. For freebie seekers you are just going to have to wake up and come to terms with the fact that “real success has a price”

in your time

your money

and hard work

If you are on a tight budget and really want to build a list, that you can market to anytime I have an alternative.

First, I want you to rid mind of the free product that delivers the same value, there is no such product, the price incentivizes the creator of the product to invest time and effort in keeping a well-functioning product available for all customers.

Here is one solution to the affordability issue, you want to maximize you ROI on every instance. This I would consider a hybrid system, while it utilizes free social media traffic, it also augments your paid traffic effort.

Bear in this maximizes your efforts.

ConnectAudience is a retargeting tool that allow ROI to skyrocket as much as over 2000%.

I have really three products, that will get a reasonable return on your investment. The objective is to build your own captive audience that you can market to anytime.

The first product is call UpViral

Second product is ConnectAudience

Third product ConnectLeads

In fact, the Connect suite of products have been proven very useful to quickly expand your social media reach and targeting and conversion efforts.

UpViral is in a nutshell extends your reach through virality. In essence you share your link on social media with a giveaway something of value. Share it with your friends on social media assigning a unique link to each, you encourage your friend to share it with their friends. Each share likes and comment carries a value and represent more entries toward winning the prize, can you see how offering something of value, how it would motivate more people to participate result in more and more people who are willing to share your link. This results in a huge list in less than no time, UpViral facilitates the harvesting of those leads as well as facilitating the campaigns and tracking each leads  assigning the winners for each giveaway, product launches or viral sweepstakes and contests.

Connect Leads facilitate your lead generation campaigns, by allow users especially mobile to tap, tap, tap and that’s it. Just by tapping your mobile device to have the persons email and name forward to your lead harvesting software. Given that more and more online users are surfing via a mobile device, it is a no brainer for this tool. It is the ease of use that is the real seling feature, participants never have to physically type the email address.

Connect Audience our next tool is a remarking tool, remember every one of these tools will massively increase your return on investment.

Connect Audience with one snippet of code follows your website visitors around with your link, this increases your conversion rate in some cases more than 2021% ROI.

The average regular Joe will have a conversion rate at about two to eight percent while the expert marketer will have somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to fifty percent, with this tool you’ll outperform the them all.

The cost of all three tools will cost between $129 to $143 per month depending on the packages you chose. These three tools can be your starter pack, it reduces the cost of advertising tremendously and in some cases,  it can be done for free. If you are on a tight budget the outlay of $997 plus an advertising budget may have presented a real challenge but using thes tools simply as a steppingstone you can build up your online marketing business.

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That’s all for now


Disclosure: Any results stated are not typical and only the most hard working and dedicated students that actually take action will be able to achieve life changing results! This is NOT a get rich-quick scheme or some marketing gimmick. It is about building a sustainable business online. Also, the opinions below are completely based on my own experience and should not be taken as any advice! If you decide to buy the course through the links, receives a compensation, which enables us to keep the website running and try out other courses to give you these insights.

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