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High Income Earning Strategies

Investing in Real Estate is responsible for creating more millionaires in the last two centuries.

Investing in the Forex Market, if done correctly can is another high income strategy  

When Investing in Stocks and Options can increase your bottomline  exponentialy

Buff Bay Realty LLC

Real estate investing offers almost anyone the opportunity to accumulate wealth as long as they are willing to put in the hard work.  It is a fact that Real Estate is responsible for making the most millionaires over the last two centuries.  More than and ninety percent of the world millionaires today did it through real estate. To get a real estate career off the ground, it is essential to learn the tricks of the trade. Hopefully the piece you have just read has gotten you inspired to keep going. Why?

It provides Cash Flow is the net result from rental Income minus the operating expenses. Real estate investment is able to generate Cashflow quickly.

Appreciation: the value of real estate increases with time

Builds Equity and Wealth; as the asset increases there is also corresponding reduction in monies owed, also your ownership stake of the asset is also on the increase.

Real Estate Leverage; A small down payment (e.g., 20%) for the full control of the entire asset. (e.g., 100% control).

Inflation Hedge: Protection from the ravages of inflation.

Tax Advantages: It offers writes that reduces the income earned.

Long term strategic investment

Stocks and Options

The fundamental difference between stocks  and options

Stocks: Preferred or Common

Common Stock entitled the owner a proportionate share of the company profits or losses. Stockholders elect the board of directors; The board is responsible for the directions for direction of the company’s business activities.

Preferred shares out rank common shares holders in that can see a quicker return and recoup of their investment. They receive dividends at predetermined times, and they must be paid before common shareholders.


Are contract of one hundred shares, it is and agreement between one person to another, it is the right  but not the obligation to execute purchase or sell (exercise the option) a specific stock for an agreed upon price (strike price) at a specific date (expiration date).

Options are Call (the buyer agrees to purchase shares) or Put (The buyer agrees to sell shares)

Volatility is your friend OTC trading

An interesting aspects of the forex trading there no exchange venues, in fact trading is done through a series interconnected trading terminals and computer network. The users of the system are institutional, investment banks, commercial banks and retail investors, foreign currencies are traded over the counter (OTC trades). It is easy to assume that a countries economic health would be the main driver of the foreign exchange markets, but that is simply not true, in fact in a survey 2019 demonstrated that large financial institution are the main drivers of this market. There are three ways to trade forex: Spot, Forwards and Futures

Spots currencies are purchased and sold based on their prices. Price is a factor of supply and demand, interest rates, political ongoings and the perception of future performance.

Forwards is an  agreement between private parties to purchase currencies at a future date at a predetermined price in the OTC market.

Futures is a standardized agreement between parties to take delivery of a currency at a future date at a predetermined price.

Forwards and Futures do not trade currency instead they deal contracts.

Simpliest Money Makerker Online

It is called the lowest hanging fruit; Affiliate marketing is promoting  another merchant’s product or service for a commission. Primarily it is the sale of an item, but some programs are click to website, downloads of an app or simply lead generation. Most affiliate program are free to join, some of these program paying from 25% to upwards of 100%, it is performance driven and can generate a healthy income. This industry is worth 5.4 billion dollars  and expected to reach eight billion plus in 2022. When done correctly it is rewarding and have a low entrance point.

It is easy to execute

Easy to scale

Little or no cost to join

Affiliate marketing is at the centre of a symbiotic system where the product owners pay the affiliate marketer sending leads or customers. Often this can be upwards of a hundred percent. The product owner in returns sell more product and also expand their customer base, the customers get the product or service they needed. A that is beneficial for everyone involved.

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